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Aboud Onji is a Mexican engineer and communication specialist. Strategist and expert in communication and energy management and has extensive experience in improving communication in corporate and government organizations. In addition to being a member of the Spanish association of communication managers DIRCOM since 2021, Aboud is an expert geopolitical analyst in the Middle East and international politics. He speaks Arabic, Spanish, French and English.

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Use FACTS elements to improve energy exchange between countries in response to the high penetration of variable renewable energy

Integrating Variable Renewable Energy sources (VRE) into Electric Power System (EPS) requires optimizing the synergy between VRE characteristics, PES flexibility elements, and local Electric Market operations. However, during advanced integration phases, where VRE accountsfor a significant portion of the system’s energy, and in the face of stability issues caused by energy excess, cross- border energy exchange appears to be one of the most effective solutions for Energy Management..... (Read full paper)

Follow Aboud Onji's participation in the International Energy Congress Mexico 2023, in the panel titled "Strengthening the Wholesale Electricity Market" where topics of great importance for the electricity sector and renewable energy companies will be addressed.

Aboud Onji con Mariano Osorio

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Aboud Onji collaborates with different media in Mexico and Latin America, where he shares his analysis, point of view, and knowledge with everyone.

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